Victor Sunday Ezema Ph.D, Juliana Obinze & Emmanuel Chidobe Okenyi Ph.D*

Department of Educational Foundations,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka
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The study considered the influence of learning styles on Primary School Pupils’ Academic Achievement in Mathematics in Nsukka Urban, Enugu State. Three research questions guided the study. 10 primary schools were selected out of the 20 public primary schools within the area. Ten primary school teachers and pupils were sampled from each of the ten (10) selected schools making a total of (200) thereby bring the total respondent for the study to two hundred (200). The study adopted descriptive survey design. Questionnaire was the major instrument used for data collection. The major findings revealed that visual learning style, auditory learning style and kinesthetic learning style influence Primary School Pupils’ Academic Achievement in Mathematics. Among others, it was recommended that educational programs should be designed, planned and implemented based on the preferred learning styles of pupils and pupils should be examined to know their preferred learning styles. This would help them gain control and improve their academic performance especially in Mathematics. Teachers should equally match their teaching styles with the pupils’ preferred learning styles. Furthermore, teachers should provide varieties of activities and opportunities for pupils to use their skills continuously.


 Keywords: Influence, Learning Style, Primary School and Pupils

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Vol.3, Issue 1, Pg. 531-538



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