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Copyright terms

With the exception of images and other materials added by the publisher, which are covered by the copyright of their respective owners, authors of articles published in the JERCPT retain their copyright unless specifically stated otherwise. Therefore, authors are free to distribute and republish their pieces as long as they follow any guidelines set forth by third-party copyright holders and include accurate citations to the original work. Readers may also download and forward articles as long as they adhere to the JERCPT publisher’s citation guidelines and pay any applicable license fees. Any copyright warnings presented must be complied with before copying, downloading, sending, or otherwise disseminating any content. The copyright notices are clearly visible and cannot be removed, deleted, or partially obscured. Figures, tables, and text from other publications that JERCPT does not own the rights to or have the authority to relicense may appear in some articles. The author or authors should get in touch with the original copyright holder to find out whether a piece of work can be reused (usually the original publisher or author). Before submitting the paper, the author(s) are responsible for securing all required copyright release permissions for the use of any copyrighted materials.


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