The Use of Songs and Storytelling in Teaching Preschool Children Mathematics: A Thing of the Past in Nigeria Preschool Education

Ishola Akindele SALAMI1 & Folashade Oluwatoyin OWOLABI2
1Lecturer, Department of Early Childhood Education and Educational Foundations, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria
2Postgraduate Student, Department of Early Childhood Education and Educational Foundations, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria
*Corresponding Author: Folashade Oluwatoyin OWOLABI


Children do have difficulty in learning mathematics because they find it difficult to
remember and make use of mathematics facts and rules when in upper primary classes and beyond. Songs and storytelling are child-centered methods that can enhance children’s acquisition, retention and recall of facts and rules in mathematics. One then wonders if the preschool teachers are still using songs and stories to teach basic concepts in Mathematics. The study, therefore, investigated teachers’ use of songs and storytelling in teaching preschool children Mathematics. The study adopted the Mixed methods research design. The triangulations of QUAN + qual type. A descriptive survey design and phenomenological approach were adopted. A simple sampling technique was used to select participant for the study. The quantitative data were collected using a questionnaire while the qualitative data were collected through interview and observation schedule. Quantitative data analysis was done using frequency count, simple percentage, mean, and standard deviation while the qualitative data were analysed using the thematic approach. The finding revealed that the weighted average is 1.94 which showed that the extent to which there are songs and stories for mathematics concepts in preschool education is very low. Teachers hardly use old songs and stories to teach mathematics.

 Keywords: Mathematics, Songs, Stories, Teaching, Preschool Education

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Vol.3, Issue 1, Pg. 566-582



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