Suleiman, Bashir; Ogundeji, Oluwatomisin Marvellous;
& Bello, Abdullahi

Department of Science Education, Federal University Gusau, Zamfara State.

Corresponding author:  Ogundeji, Oluwatomisin Marvellous


Nigerian teachers and students, similar to the Americans, are overburdened in this era of high stake and stressing standardized testing. They are under pressure to generate high test scores to the centralized power structure. Teachers are to be accountable to their students through test scores and they feel more and more threatened and terrified by the standardization of testing and teaching. To this end, some teachers have adopted teaching-to-the-test teaching strategies to compensate for this assessment practice (i.e. high-stake testing), while others teach to the curriculum. We, therefore, through our review shade more light on the concepts “teaching-to-the test and curriculum teaching” and highlighted factors that promote inappropriate teaching in Nigeria. The researchers noticed that teaching-to-the-test instructional practices are not appropriate for our classrooms and quickly push forward the frontier knowledge of curricular teaching as appropriate classroom instructional practices that could promote in-debt learning of students. The researchers recommend that teaching according to the curriculum should be embraced among Nigerian teachers in schools. As well, education stakeholders should help in
reducing the influence of factors that encourage inappropriate teaching practices such as
“teaching-to-the-test” in a bit to promote Curriculum teaching.

Keywords: Curriculum Teaching, Teaching-to-the-test, Classroom Instructional

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Vol.3, Issue 1, Pg. 440-455



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