This study was on the development and validation of a programmed instruction package for learning probability in senior secondary school mathematics curriculum in Benin metropolis. The study adopted production-oriented descriptive survey design employing the Design Science Research (DSR) approach. All the two hundred and ninety-one (291) teachers in Benin Metropolis, thirty (30) computer science lecturers from three different universities and five (5) instructional technologists formed the population for the study. From which thirty-seven (37) Mathematics teachers, eighty (8) computer experts and Five (5) Instructional technologists were sampled, using a multi-stage sampling procedure for the Mathematics teachers and proportional sampling technique for the other two. A rating scale was the instrument that was used for data collection. The instrument was validated by the supervisors and two other lecturers from the Faculty. Some findings of this study revealed that Mathematics teachers gave a favourable validation to the  developed ADPIP in terms of typology, legibility, Navigation, interface, functionality and Content, that computer Experts gave a favourable validation to the ADPIP in terms of typology, legibility, navigation, interface, functionality and Content among others. It was recommended that since the Mathematics teachers gave a favourable validation to ADPIP its used should be encouraged in schools.

Keywords: Development, Validation, Programmed Instruction, Probability

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Volume, Issue and Page Number:

Vol.5, Issue 1, Pg. 99 - 109


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Instructional Technologist and Lecturer, Department of Curriculum & Instructional Technology,
Faculty of Education, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria

Email: evbakoe.ikuereye@uniben.edu1



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