Dr. Paulette Ekejiuba (Rev. Sr.), & Dr. Yamah, Momoh Iluebe

Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education, University of Benin, Benin City

Correspondence: paulette.ekejiuba@uniben.edu

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This study examined the influence of information management on the decision-making among university managers in Southern Nigeria. The researcher employed correlational research design for this study. Four research questions were raised to guide the study. The population consisted of all the University managers in Southern Nigeria: Three hundred and twenty-five respondents were selected using a multi-stage sample procedure. To guide the study, four research questions were raised, one was answered while three were hypothesized. An instrument titled: “Information Management and Decision-making Practices” was used to collect data. Content validity was used to validate the instrument while Pearson correlation (r) was used for the reliability of the instrument. Data collected were analysed using Pearson (r) statistics. The findings showed that information was effectively managed which enhances effective decision-making among the university managers. The result again showed that there was significant relationship between information management and effective decision-making among university managers based on gender of the managers. Based on the findings of this study, it was recommended that broader awareness of information and practices may be valuable as the managers’ attempt to interpret behaviours in the fresh decision-making situations.

Keywords: Influence, Information management, Decision-making, universities, Nigeria

Publication Date:


Volume, Issue and Page Number:

Vol.4, Issue 2, Pg. 80 - 89



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