Osato Harriet OBASUYI (Ph.D.)

University of Benin, Ugbowo Campus, Nigeria.


Drug use or abuse is a public health issue bedeviling not only the school system but the general populace in contemporary times. The problem is being handled by different governmental and non-governmental agencies in both the national and international spheres. The measures used to curtail the problem appears not to be yielding many results as the problem continues and is even taking more sophisticated dimensions. The paper was therefore advanced as a proposal to first examine some of the prevailing factors possibly influencing drug use or abuse. An understanding of the factors will be a leverage to avoid the behaviour of drug use or abuse using the School Drug Control Programme. School individuals who have not experimented with drugs, at high-risk of
drug use or abuse, casual users, and habitual users (addicts) are possible beneficiaries of the programme. The programme was presented in five detailed areas with recommendations following.

Keywords: control, drug abuse, drug use, programme, school

Publication Date:


Volume, Issue and Page Number:

Vol.4, Issue 1, Pg. 23-35



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