The study investigated personality traits as correlates of perceived job performance of business educators in South-South Nigeria. The study adopted correlational research design with a population of 130 business educators in public universities across the South-South region of Nigeria. The entire population was used for the study due to its manageable size. The instruments for data collection were structured questionnaire titled “Personality Traits and Perceived Job Performance of business educators Questionnaire” (PTAPJPBEQ); which were validated by three experts. Cronbach alpha statistics was used to determine its level of consistency which yielded reliability of 0.62 for job performance scale and 0.69 for personality traits items implying that the instruments were reliable. Data collected from the respondents were analysed using Mean, Standard deviation, Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient and Multiple Regression Analysis. The study revealed that conscientiousness and agreeableness personality traits of business educators significantly correlated with their job performances. It was therefore, concluded that conscientiousness and agreeableness personality traits correlate with business educators’ job performance. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that business educators should understand their personality traits and use them effectively to impact positively on their students; that personality traits assessment should be one of the tools in recruitment and selection of business educators into public universities in South-South Nigeria by the university authorities and the government in particular.

Keywords: Personality Traits; Business Educators’ Job Performance.

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Vol.5, Issue 1, Pg. 110 - 124


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Department of Vocational and Technical Education, Faculty of Education,
University of Benin, Benin City Nigeria

Email: jane.egbri@uniben.edu1



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