Aham, Assumpta Chinyere; Aniaku, Obiageli Loretta*; Nwagbo, Chinwe Rose

Department of Science Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka
*Corresponding Author: obiageli.aniaku@unn.edu.ng


This study looked at the effectiveness of two constructivist teaching strategies in
increasing students’ interest in genetics in Enugu Education Zone, Enugu State, Nigeria.
This study used a quasi-experimental approach with non-equivalent control groups. The
study was led by two research questions and two hypotheses. Purposive sampling was
used to choose 160 students (79 males and 81 females) from a cohort of 1,986 SS III
Biology students. The Genetics Interest Inventory (GII) was utilized as the data collecting
tool, and a reliability of 0.88 was determined using Cronbach Alpha. The data were
analyzed using mean, standard deviation, and Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA).
Among other things, the results demonstrated a substantial difference in students’ interest
in Genetics taught using the 5Es and PEDDA constructivist instructional paradigms. It
was recommended, among others, that teachers should use the 5Es and PEDDA
constructivist instructional methods in their classrooms to help students develop interest
in genetics.

Keywords: Biology, 5Es constructivist instructional model, Interest, Gender, Genetics, PEDDA constructivist instructional model

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Vol.4, Issue 1, Pg. 1-11



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