Dr. Abubakarr Lamin

Lecturer, Division of Educational Studies, Faculty of Arts, Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone,1 Adonkia Road, Goderich, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Email: abulamin473@gmail.com


The study centered on special educators’ perspectives regarding constraints in delivering
special needs education in Sierra Leone through ascertaining whether teachers in special
schools have the requisite human resource are adequately equipped in terms of teaching
and learning devices, and physical infrastructure. The study employed a quantitative
survey approach. It involved questionnaire administration to teachers and interviews with
school heads. Data analysis involved using descriptive statistics. The study revealed that
special educators are specialized in diverse fields related, and unrelated to special
education. Most of them have spent approximately a decade in the profession and
undergone some form of professional development training in special education.
However, there were deficits in human resource – staffing and qualifications. Special
education tutorials and assistive devices were lacking – especially modern technology
tools. Physical infrastructure including amenities for extra-curricular activities were also
inadequate. It is recommended that capacity gaps of educators be addressed via
recruitment and training of qualified personnel; huge investment made in the acquisition
of modern teaching and learning tools/devices/technologies; and physical infrastructure
be improved to attain the government educational and human rights goals, and the UN
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Keywords: special needs, special school, assistive devices, children with disabilities,
inclusion, disability

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Vol.3, Issue 1, Pg. 407-420



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