A major advancement in librarianship is the rise of artificial intelligence technology, which may utomate library operations, encourage interaction, and provide immersive interactions for both library users and librarians alike. This article delves into the potential applications of artificial intelligence technologies for inclusive information provision in libraries. To explore this subject, the researchers conducted a literature review, collecting secondary data that aligns with the study’s objectives. The findings emphasize the significance of librarians’ awareness and integration of artificial intelligence technologies for inclusive information provision. The place of librarians’ awareness and integration of artificial intelligence technologies for inclusive information provision indicates the roles of librarian’s awareness and acceptance to adopt artificial intelligence technologies to provide library and information services to diverse users irrespective of abilities. In response to these, librarians in this age cannot overlook the potential power of AI in  reaching the unreachable. Therefore, the article proposes that targeted training programs should be established to bridge the knowledge gap among librarians. These programs should be designed to cater to both urban and rural settings, providing accessible and comprehensive AI education. Moreover, fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the librarian ecosystem is essential Platforms for knowledge-sharing and networking should be established, enabling librarians to exchange insights and best practices regarding AI integration. Finally, financial support is paramount and should be provided to overcome the challenges associated with AI adoption in libraries.

Keywords: librarians, awareness, integration, AI Technologies, inclusive information

Publication Date:


Volume, Issue and Page Number:

Vol.5, Issue 1, Pg. 38-58


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Anthonia C. ENEH (Ph D) & Evelyn Omomluabi Idiodi (Ph.D)

Department of Educational Management (Library and Information Science)
Faculty of Education, University of Benin.

Correspondence address: chinwendu.eneh@uniben.edu


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